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1st UK Road-Legal EScooter

1st UK Road-Legal EScooter

But before you get your hopes up, it appears this is a stand-on/up moped.  The vehicle requires:

  • a number plate to be displayed
  • a V5C (Registration Certificate)
  • insurance
  • an MoT at 3 years

and for the user to:

  • hold a driver’s licence (be of appropriate age) – a CBT or motorcycle licence
  • wear a helmet.

For those who like a scooter format, it is a milestone – until now, privately owned e-scooters have not been legal to ride on the road. Let us not forget some of the additional features stated to be present:

  • a safe battery
  • luggage capacity
  • electric powered – fast charging
  • 25 mile (40km) range

An article about the scooter can be read here.  The makers, Swifty, have a website.