For All Vehicle Claims

Understanding CMA

Why has CMA been appointed?

Generally, we are instructed by insurance companies because vehicle-related claims are our speciality.  Whilst insurers have a substantial understanding of vehicles and the events giving rise to claims, they have many other facets to policy management to contend with, their staff may move positions and the world of claims and vehicles is ever-changing.

CMA are a safe pair of hands; established in 1994 we have a fine trading history and a vast amount of experience and knowledge.  For example, CMA is the only adjusters in the UK to be appointed by vehicle-checking companies to manage, often with delegated authority, their claims relating to financed, stolen and total loss vehicles.  Having resolved over 1,000 such disputes we not only have intimate knowledge of vehicle data we also understand the distress, inconvenience and financial hardship experienced by someone who acquires a stolen vehicle.

There are many facets to a vehicle claim which are rarely appreciated by some who, on occasions, approach the process simplistically; ‘I paid for a policy, I should be paid‘.

On occasions, it is possible there will appear to be problems which, when put to an insured, they acknowledge, and wish to set the record straight.  Similarly, there are instances where misunderstandings arise and the insurer wishes us to review the matter. Our experience and knowledge work to everyone’s advantage.

Arguments, such as ‘you are only appointed to catch me out’  we have never understood.  Firstly, the logic is askew; if someone has done nothing improperly, there is nothing to discover.  Secondly, we take an even-handed approach; our role is not to make a judgement but to obtain and present pertinent facts to an insurer to enable them to make an informed decision.  If, as happens on occasions, an insured has not conducted themselves entirely frankly, do not compound the problem.

Our approach can be summed up in the maxim ‘appropriate claims are paid the appropriate sum‘ we work hard to ensure an insurance company is presented facts to enable this to occur.

We pride ourselves in our approach to our client’s customers and are here to support everyone.  An example of the help we provide can be found here ‘claim help‘; helping you to help yourself.