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90% increase in Claim Delay Complaints

90% increase in Claim Delay Complaints

This statistic according to the latest report from the FOS.

Insurers do not wish to delay payments; they step in when needed and look to settle appropriate claims in the appropriate sum.  Insurers invest in systems and processes to expedite claims. So why is this area attracting a staggering increase in grievances?

One is an ‘internal’ issue, which I believe we have overcome to a great extent; a failure to undertake enquiries concurrently.  Whilst it is not always easy to immediately identify all enquiries to be undertaken when faced with, for example, vehicle theft, the basics can be covered and an explanation provided for further exploration if asked.

The other is ‘external’ influences:

  • The police 06/2022 convoluted crime-report disclosure process, is a more onerous procedure than its predecessor.
  • The DVLA’s archaic procedures and record maintenance have hampered enquiries since 2018 and can see weeks before information is provided.
  • ‘Tracking’ companies can be slow to disclose information – in one case simply refusing (an instance with the ICO)
  • Manufactures, presented questions often respond ‘we only talk to the police’ which, a cynical person may suggest, is a way to ensure they will never be troubled.

We engage with the policyholder, and from the outset, our HELP process is designed to reduce delays. We make an insured aware of where the blockage sits and suggest they too write.  But why should they have to?

Just yesterday, police data indicated the theft was 2 months before the insured stated.  Thankfully, the constabulary understood our approach, and likely appreciated it … they had input the wrong month.  Prompt amendment made, the insured will never know, the claim is unaffected.

Time to work together, for some joined-up thinking rather than the jobsworths* approach to information.  It is not difficult and the benefits are substantial.


*“smore than me job’s worth…’