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Road Traffic Collision (RTC) claims including liability investigations

CMA’s unique expertise in Road Traffic Collision (RTC) claims is well-recognised throughout the UK insurance industry. Whether instructed to handle an entire claim, clarify specific aspects of a claim, or assist your professional advisors in a complex or larger loss, we consistently overdeliver.

Focus on verifiable facts

As always, our experienced and highly trained staff focus on establishing verifiable facts. Our specialist areas include:

  • High value RTC fraud investigations
  • Low velocity impact investigations
  • Indemnity and liability investigations

High value RTC-related fraud investigations commonly involve ghost policies, phantom passengers, multiple collisions and/or bodily injury. Low velocity impact investigations commonly involve suspected exaggeration of injuries – ailments unlikely to be caused by minor bumps at walking pace. Indemnity and liability investigations commonly involve the tracing of witnesses in order to corroborate statements.

In each case, every VRM will undergo initial assessment and be monitored throughout the duration of our investigation and beyond if appropriate. Every claim will also receive a diligent pre-interview desktop inquiry to crosscheck the information on file.

If required to support your engineer’s observations, we can obtain detailed statements from the insured and third parties – the client’s preference of face-to-face, telephone interview or ‘managed conversation’, all recorded and securely stored. We consider all aspects, from the mechanics of the collision, to what happened immediately afterwards, and the extent of any damage.

Locus reports

Our local representative can also compile a detailed Locus report, including a plan with measurements and photographs. They will comment on the site features and highlight any influencing factors. Reports can be tailored to your specific requirements, including diagrammatic representations of the incident.

This tried and trusted approach ensures that even the most delicate RTC claims can be efficiently and professionally handled.

“Road traffic collisions cause distress, inconvenience and financial hardship.
At CMA, we handle these cases with sensitivity to ensure that every claim is progressed with the minimum of inconvenience to all.
From staged accident investigation to no claims bonus disputes, we obtain, collate and present information in a manner that enables the insurer to make an informed decision.”

Philip Swift
CMA Managing Director