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Vehicle Recorded Stolen – Check Again?

Vehicle Recorded Stolen – Check Again?

We have seen an increase in the number of Vehicle Registration Marks (VRMs) which have:

  • been found but the owner was not advised of this by the police

All too frequently, we are the party informing the insured and insurer that their VRM is no longer recoded LoS (Lost or Stolen) on PNC (Police National Computer) – but seeking the whereabouts and condition of the vehicle is seldom straightforward with some constabularies referring us to the MoU to obtain this information; a charge of over £100 and potentially days, if not weeks to wait.  Thankfully some demonstrate common sense.

  • NOT been found but the VRM has been removed from the PNC LoS – is no longer recorded as stolen.

All too frequently, this occurs due to a ‘six-week weeding process’; if the constabulary does not ‘confirm’ the theft on PNC within 6 weeks, the stolen marker automatically falls away. It is an issue we have highlighted to many constabularies. Today’s (25/08/2023) letter to a police service:

A further enquiry of the above VRM today indicates this is still NOT recorded as stolen yet you state it has not been found, ‘recovered’. The VRM was reported and recorded as LoS on PNC but removed on or before 21/08/2023.

We have alerted you to this daily since 21/08/2023, re-checking the VRM beforehand. It appears the removal results from a constabulary error and we anticipated you would seek to right this as a matter of urgency.

Since 21/08/2023, any enquiry of the VRM (PNC or Vehicle Provenance company) will not reveal the stolen status.

It appears the potential for recovery is greatly reduced, practically if not actually, nil.

We await your confirmation the VRM has been reinstated, why it was removed, the date & time of removal, and of the checks undertaken of PNC and VP Co’s since the removal.