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Environmentally Friendly

Climate change poses a risk to all aspects of our lives, having the potential to wreak havoc on the natural environment, communities and livelihoods and the economy. Reducing carbon emissions and achieving Net Zero is essential.

Until 2022 CMA held ISO 14001; we were pleased to engage in processes that were environmentally friendly to, on occasions, put claimant before cost.

We all have a duty to tackle our emissions – not that our sector is generally considered power-hungry, but because it is the right thing to do; to protect the environment now and for future generations.

Our determination to do the right thing by our communities and the environment, in part, dictated our office move; more compact, refurbished using modern materials (in particular heating), reduced our ‘carbon footprint’. As a relatively small business, managing a central office there is only so much we can do to reduce our emissions still further.  But ‘as every little helps’ we remain committed to ensuring these do not increase.

Operating from premises owned and controlled by another has not prevented us attempting to achieve net zero means we will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from our operations as far as possible and ensure overall we have no adverse impact on greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. We will continue to promote and monitor:

  • General Awareness of Environmental Matters
  • Waste Carriage and Disposal
  • Office Heating
  • Air Cooling Systems
  • Office Lighting
  • Office Equipment
  • Unwanted Company Equipment
  • Offices and Facilities Cleaning
  • Paper and Packaging Re-use and
  • Recycling

It is safe to say that most of us understand how important it is to be conscious of the environment in our day-to-day routines. But when we’re at work, these important principles are sometimes forgotten. This could be for several reasons such as workplace issues distracting us or a lack of awareness of the environmental problems unique to the workplace.

How can workplaces improve environmental practices?

Conserving Energy

There are many simple measures to conserve energy and save money in the business.

  • Use of electronic communication – a reduction in paper use and posting
  • Be careful with running water.
  • Use recycled paper towels or an eco-friendly hand dryer.
  • Maximise natural light where possible.
  • Use heating and/or air conditioning systems only when needed (based on a thermostat with agreed settings).

Supply Chain

We have full control over the impact of our organisation’s activities on the environment, but less over the activities of suppliers.  Whilst we cannot explicitly manage our supplier’s operations, the following provides some guidance for ensuring we are part of an environmentally conscious supply chain

  • are  they accredited and compliant with the relevant regulations to their industry
  • what certifications do they hold
  • do they document and provide access to responsible corporate policies

We will review ordering (the best means to monitor usage with, for example, paper).  Are we purchasing in the most environmentally friendly manner (i.e. larger orders compared to smaller, frequent orders)? Are our supplies made from environmentally friendly materials?

Net zero is a huge challenge for many but at CMA we understand the journey brings many benefits: cost savings, a reputational boost and better relationships with our clients and suppliers chain. We welcome the opportunity to make a difference and demonstrate this – we embrace the hugely positive step.