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Please Update MIAFTR ASAP – 14-Day Countdown

Please Update MIAFTR ASAP – 14-Day Countdown

MIAFTR … use it or lose it (the vehicle). You would think a constabulary with the PNC and a crime report would know exactly who to approach upon finding a stolen vehicle. But no … and once located, the clock is ticking … 14 days until destruction.

It appears MIAFTR is the database checked for insurer details, one constabulary wiritng:

I cannot see a claim on MIAFTR, please advise which insurance company you are acting on behalf of and if the insurance company will be collecting?
We need this information to send a 14 day notice letter to the insurance company, there is a risk the vehicle will be disposed of without this information available to us

Thankfully, we monitor registration marks associated with claims and are automatically notified should they be added to or removed from the Police National Computer (PNC) Lost or Stolen (LoS) register. There are many reasons/benefits for this but one is to reduce storage costs, another to reunite people with their vehicles asap.

Some constabularies or their recovery agents have a habit, upon finding a stolen vehicle, of writing to the registered keeper. A cynical onlooker may suggest that this results in delay which increases storage charges … whatever the reason, some constabularies will write to a vehicle insurer. However, it appears they identify the insurer from the MIAFTR record.

Please load your theft (all) total losses ASAP … it provides a further layer of protection for all.