For All Vehicle Claims

CMA Services

“There is no substitute for experience.” It is with good reason we are ‘All Things Vehicle’; for 25 years we have been under the same management. What are we doing right? CMA has never sought to be a ‘Jack of All Trades’; we provide services in areas where we have experience and confidence.

A vehicle:

  • is STOLEN … CMA
  • collides with another, is involved in a ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT … CMA
  • damages THIRD PARTY PROPERTY, whether this be:
    • a building
    • the highway itself
    • ‘roadside furniture’ – barriers, lampposts etc
    • a bridge – with a potential NETWORK RAIL claims
    • a petrol pump

Think CMA!

Nationwide Networks

  • For attendance upon people or locations.

From cold-calls to detailed statement-taking, we will attend anywhere in the UK.

  • To undertake repairs.

Negotiating settlement without an understanding of the works and the ability to complete them is a recipe for disaster.  We do not simply agree quantum, where necessary, we will step in and arrange for the work to be undertaken.

E-Scooters.  We are not anti-e-scooters, we are concerned that their limitations are not understood and that this poses a risk to riders and pedestrians.  In a perfect world, an e-scooter makes a lot of sense as evidenced by ‘a rider gliding gracefully on an e-scooter as an alternative to a stressful commute‘, the video can be viewed here. But our world is far from predictable, perfect; hazards abound from poor road surfaces to inattentive/distracted road users and adverse weather.  The safest rider can fall foul to activity beyond their control.  And, at present, it is ILLEGAL to ride an e-scooter on the road.

More about e-scooters and e-scooter news, can be read here.