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That’s The Way To Do It

That’s The Way To Do It

A spillage on our roads can prove problematic, and expensive.  There is the initial cleansing & containment to consider, possible environmental issues, traffic management and potentially .. resurfacing with all the associated costs this brings.

We know a thing or two about these claims … for example, we are intimately familiar with a mile-long spill addressed at such a low value, the vehicle insurer paid nothing.

Whilst these claims require detailed investigation, often raising concerns & criticism about the contractor’s costs or the Authority entertaining them, seemingly squandering public funds, a methodical, fact-based,  presentation is often well received.

Today’s settlement saw a £75,000+ claim for the reinstatement of almost 300m of motorway, agreed at less than £40,000.  But this is only part of the story, albeit the welcome aspect for our insurer client.  The Authority, when accepting the offer, wrote:

I really appreciate your time to discuss this incident/claim.

I have received agreement to accept your offer.

Thank you for demonstrating the usual professional approach ….