For All Vehicle Claims

Data Map

The following is an overview of our information process, our ‘Data Map’:

Why do we hold information?

For the prompt, efficient and professional handling of a subject’s insurance claim

Who do we hold information for?

Our clients – generally insurers or their legal representatives.

What type of data do we hold?

It possibly helps to think of this as being the same as you were asked to provide at proposal, for example:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Phone numbers & email address(es)
  • Vehicle
  • Driving endorsements (where applicable)
  • Criminal Records (where applicable)
What is the source of our data
  • Our clients
  • The data subject
  • Open Source intelligence
  • Data providers (subject to consent or appropriate enabling section of the DPA 1998)
What is the legal basis of our processing

Consent where obtained by the client by whom we are instructed or in pursuance of a contract (claim under an insurance policy)

When do we obtain information?
  • When instructed by our client
  • When undertaking enquiries
  • When interviewing the subject
How long do we retain information?

7 years

Who determines the retention period?

The relevant client but we suggest 7 years.

Where is the information held?

In the cloud or in our secure office facility, filed in locked cabinets until such time as the claim is closed and shredding takes place.
Should the above require greater explanation or clarification, please email us – a more detailed map is held at CMA and forms part of our ISO accreditation documentation.