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In July 2017, the ONS (Office for National statistics) published its Statistical bulletin, a copy of which can be found here:

Crime in England and Wales year ending Mar 2017

Theft of motor-vehicle is up 19% when compared with 04/2015 to 03/2016.   The reported thefts almost reached 100,000, the recorded figure being 97,152.   This equates to about

  • 260 / day
  • 11 / hour

That is to say, a vehicle is stolen each day, 24-hours / day, every 6 minutes (or less).

The reports states:

‘Most categories of theft in the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) estimates showed an apparent reduction compared with the previous year’s survey but the only statistically significant decreases were in the subcategories of other theft of personal property (16%), other household theft (13%) and vehicle-related theft (10%).’

The statistics do not identify the recoveries but we would be surprised if there is anything like 50% being found.  So that’s about 50,000 vehicles which ‘disappear’.  If they have a value of £10,000 each, the loss is £500 million.

The theft rate equates to about 1 in every 380 licensed vehicles on our roads.

Our Managing Director is a board member of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) UK, the membership secretary.  If you too are concerned about the incidence of theft, have an interest in the subject and wish to contribute to the organisation for professionals involved in the prevention and detection of vehicle crime, please consider membership:- click here.

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