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DVLA Licence – Sharing Your Information

Whether you are an insured, named drive on a policy of insurance or the last user, it is likely we will need to confirm that your licence details, as disclosed to your insurer, are correct.  Fortunately, the days of having to provide paper licenses or counterparts are long behind us.  Whilst providing a copy of your licence is necessary, in particular, to verify your address, obtaining current status information is now undertaken by a simple online process:

The process by which to VIEW &/or SHARE your driving licence information can be found on the DVLA website – here.  The link explains, to view your details, you will require:

  1. your driving licence number
  2. your National Insurance number – find your National Insurance number if you have lost it
  3. the postcode on your driving licence

When completing the process you are provided the facility to obtain a CHECK CODE.  Once you have obtained this, please do not delay but forward us:

  • the CHECK CODE which is valid for 21 days and
  • the last 8 characters of YOUR driving licence number

We may then utilise the facility at ‘Check someone’s driving licence information‘.