For All Vehicle Claims

About Us

Claims Management & Adjusting Ltd
Rear of 39-41, High Street, West Malling, Kent ME19 6QH
Registered in England & Wales, registered office as above. Registration # 02955406

Established in Kent in 1994, we handle many claims from start to finish, often difficult cases with questions surrounding liability, value or validity.

Our clients include major insurance companies, the self-insured (generally those with a large excess), solicitors, brokers, and other claims-handling organisations.

Over 25+ years we have expanded our network of expert field agents to provide nationwide coverage. We also developed the three strands of CMA DNA: Expertise, Ethos & Vehicle Data.

Our knowledge of ‘All Vehicle Claims’ spans decades of policing, Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and provenance company liaison. From high-value RTC-related fraud investigations to being the only adjusters to possess National Highways’ Green Claims Handling Manual our experience is second to none.

Fundamental to CMA’s success is an underlying respect for the truth; fair and balanced reporting, anchored on facts and supported by professional customer service.

Vehicle Data
CMA’s bespoke claims handling software – CHandler – is a powerful system designed in-house specifically for the vehicle insurance environment. Originally conceived as a simple document generator, diary and database, it has grown into a major asset.

“We have built our reputation on handling the most challenging claims and, in each case, our experienced and highly trained staff focus on establishing verifiable
facts. This thorough approach means the less honest think twice before progressing, while genuine claimants are reassured.

Philip Swift
CMA Managing Director*

*A former detective, Philip has been with the company since its inception and led a management buyout in 2006.