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Vehicle Stolen?  Why pay the tax?

Vehicle Stolen? Why pay the tax?

It appears many are still paying the Vehicle Excise Licence (VEL) for vehicles stolen from them i.e. in the hands of another, from which they derive no benefit.

Whilst we are questioning the DVLA’s stolen vehicle numbers, various Authorities citing different figures, of those vehicles reported stolen 17,086 remain taxed.

Whilst some will be recently stolen, the owners hoping the vehicle will be found, driveable and returned to them, many will have overlooked cancelling the tax.

Possibly some believe that having reported their vehicle stolen, the DVLA being notified of this would stop their tax payments automatically.  But no.  Having asked about ‘the process of immediately cancelling the duty as of the date a vehicle is recorded stolen’, we learned there is no such action taken. Instead:

‘The information held by the DVLA shows that notification of a stolen vehicle alone does not trigger an automatic refund.

 The DVLA requires a separate notification such as a disposal or destruction before a refund is processed’.’

If you have reported your vehicle stolen, it may be advisable not to cancel the Road Fund Licence immediately.  However, with stolen vehicle recovery at an all-time low (6% in Kent), do not forget to do so!

As with much to do with the DVLA you may well need the 11-digit reference number from the latest vehicle log book (V5C):

  • take a photo of the V5C before parting with it
  • never leave this document in your car!

Further reading:

Tax discs were abolished in October 2014.  Apparently, this saved the taxpayer £14 million a year. Some blame the move for causing many drivers to overlook renewal of their car tax