For All Vehicle Claims

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Vehicle Information Disputes

Have you acquired a vehicle with an adverse history, an event unknown to you at the date of purchase, that has adversely affected the vehicle’s value?  Is the vehicle:

  • recorded stolen, possibly a ‘clone’ or ‘ringer’
  • obtained from another by fraud?
  • the subject of outstanding finance:
    • hire purchase
    • a lease
    • a log-book loan?
  • recorded as a total loss, been dealt with as salvage in the past or
  • clocked – have a lower mileage now than in its past?

Are you someone who has checked the vehicle pre-purchase and the enquiry company has directed you to us to consider your claim? If so, please click here to register the issue.

You will be taken to a page requiring you to provide some information about the transaction. When submitting your notification, please ensure that you take note of the submission number as you may require this later to substantiate your notification.  Upon receipt of your submission, we will write to you within 2 working days.

Note: CMA does not provide legal advice and comment only amounts to providing general principles, not formal advice and the information provided should not be relied on as legal advice.  No liability is accepted for such reliance.  Anyone needing such advice should consult a solicitor or other authorised person. Further useful information about legal advice can be found here: