For All Vehicle Claims

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‘Green’ Claims – National Highways or Council Claims Following Collisions, Spills or Fires.

Including the Strategic Road Network (SRN) and Council ‘street furniture’ claims

CMA is the UK’s leading specialist in ‘green claims’ – those made by Public Authorities against drivers, fleets, hauliers and insurers following a collision, fire or spill. For instance, Strategic Road Network (SRN) claims by National Highways and Damage to Crown Property (DCP) or street furniture claims by Councils.

Substantial savings

There can be up to 100 such incidents on UK roads every day, and, having investigated them since 2008, we know how these claims are frequently overstated by contractors and/or under-audited pre-payment by the Authority.  Because we understand the intricacies, we often deliver substantial reductions on the initial amount claimed.

We know the documentation to ask for in order to start a review, and how to proceed if this information is not forthcoming. We look at attendance, clearance, planning, traffic management, repair processes, materials, sub-contractors, imaging and the array of correspondence that should accompany such a claim.

We are the only adjusters to possess National Highways’ Green Claims Handling Manual and, after years of persistence, acquired the ‘actual’ costs it refers to – in effect, their price list.

Ultimately, a bill is compiled by the contractor who, subject to their contract, will pursue recovery themselves or, more usually now, be paid by National Highways or a Council, who then seek recovery from the third party – a driver, fleet, haulier or their insurer.

No audit pre-payment?

Often, the Authority does not check sub-£25,000 contractor bills pre-payment. But this does not address the root cause; a failure by contractors to bill appropriately. We have found Temporary VRS to be like the bad days of credit hire, and watch out for dual charging. In many cases, the insured is not to blame.

For a small fee, we will remove the claim from your desk and progress to settlement with minimum friction for all concerned.

“We deal with overstated green claims every day.
We have repeatedly warned National Highways that its checks are not robust enough and have proved time and again that sky-high costs claimed by its contractors are excessive.
I urge anyone presented with a road repair bill – particularly those involving Traffic Management costs – to contact us.”

Philip Swift
CMA Managing Director