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Third-Party Property Damage – Residential & Commercial

Costly and time-consuming Third-Party Property Damage (TPPD) claims are notoriously problematic for insurers. From water contamination to financial claims for business interruption, CMA can help. Often, the contractors we appoint are subsequently approached by the claimant for more work – the clearest indication of a job well done.

Pre repair

Pre or post-repair, our expert in-house team are experienced in handling all manner of TPPD cases, including:

  • Residential property damage (exterior and interior)
  • Listed or historical renovations
  • Landscaping
  • Water contamination (leakage)
  • Business interruption (financial claims)
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Contents

Where a repair is required, we liaise with the claimant and can appoint a qualified building agent. With client and claimant agreement, we will undertake the reinstatement works, engaging with the relevant professional bodies – structural engineer, local Council, utility suppliers etc. In cases of extensive damage, a schedule of works will be compiled for tender. Our relationship with the qualified building agent’s network is ‘open hands’; you are billed their charge with no uplifts.

CMA have no rebate or similar arrangements.

If the property owner has instructed agents to estimate/quote, their presentations will also be considered. We review third-party documentation in detail; the trading styles and contact details of businesses are routinely checked, as is their VAT status. The pre-existing condition of the property will be assessed; age may indicate the condition and, where possible, the original suppliers will be approached to quote.

Post repair

Where a claim is presented post-repair, CMA can liaise with the claimant parties, identify the necessary supporting information, assess the claim and negotiate through to closure.

Occasionally, claimant actions can give rise to concerns, for example, regarding their association with tendering parties or cash-in-lieu arrangements. CMA can investigate and our legal team will provide advice and can defend matters should the need arise.

“Most claimants simply want to be put back in the position they were in pre-incident.
Some have difficulty obtaining a professional contractor, others encounter the “it’s an insurance job” pricing inflation.
Then there are the opportunist or unscrupulous claimants.
With years of experience, we excel at customer relations, analysis of damage and prompt high-quality reinstatement at a reasonable rate.”

Philip Swift
CMA Managing Director