For All Vehicle Claims


Title claims including insurer & innocent purchaser disputes.

CMA’s expertise in disputed title claims dates back to 1995, when we became the first external claims handler for vehicle information supplier HPI. We have been active in both the trade and consumer provenance check markets ever since, with partners including Motorcheck, MotorTradeServices, MyCarCheck and RAC Passport.

Provenance expertise

This unique experience, and the resulting depth of knowledge in vehicle provenance, has enabled CMA to resolve thousands of disputed title claims, not only for vehicle data suppliers but also finance companies, insurers and innocent purchasers.

Frequently, time-consuming rival ownership issues stem from the selling-on of stolen or financed vehicles, or those with an unknown or altered history, commonly unrecorded salvage or ‘clocked’ vehicles.

We have a proud record of assisting the innocent purchasers of vehicles which turn out to have an undisclosed adverse history. Not only is this a kindness which reflects well on the industry, it helps build our comprehensive understanding of vehicle documentation and current practices, improving our claims handling efficiency.

We are very familiar with all vehicle paperwork and quickly become aware of new twists on old scams, often within hours of them emerging.

While ‘ringing’ has all but been designed-out, clones remain and can prove troublesome for owners and insurers alike. In these cases, a precise timeline of events is important in establishing whether the insured had a title capable of supporting insurance.

Who knew?

Unrecorded salvage records can surface during usage but, following a loss, it is important to establish what the insured knew of the adverse history.

Many are unaware of the legislation that can protect purchasers of cars with outstanding Hire Purchase (HP), yet this can be vital in cases of vehicles being sold to an unsuspecting victim.

Our expertise in title claims means that, frequently, CMA can assist when others cannot.

“Since the mid-1990s, we have assisted with thousands of vehicle title and value disputes.
Whether acting for an insurer who paid out following the theft of a vehicle – to assess the merits of a title claim by the person now in possession – or approached by an innocent purchaser – to help with the nightmare of acquiring property to which they have a questionable title – we can help.”

Philip Swift
CMA Managing Director