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Had a Minor Bump … your fault?

Had a Minor Bump … your fault?

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters’*

You may believe ‘no harm done’ that upon viewing the damage (lack of?), the impossibility of any injury occurring because of your walking-pace nudge (or similar), you had a close call. But these matters have a habit of resurrecting when you least expect them.

We understand you may be concerned about presenting a claim; your no-claims-bonus a worry, and the thought of increased costs at a time of increased financial pressures, concerning. Conversely, the other party may perceive the incident as a means by which to alleviate their financial hardship, to profit even. Your delay and unwillingness to be forthright, possibly presented as a weakness.

It does not follow that a claim by the other party involves fraud. Upon reflection, what was perceived as a harmless ‘touch’ may have resulted in damage noted subsequently – cars are sophisticated bits of kit with all manner of features and sensors not intended to be prodded or poked.

However, there are also the outright dishonest … having reversed into you at low speed could later be turned upon you, with them citing ‘I was stationary, you hit me’. Never has there ever been a better time to have a dashcam** fitted, ensure it works and in the event of any incident, retain the footage!


** I am a fan – ‘a heartfelt plea you fit a dash-cam