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The Brown Car Guy Interviews CMA’s Technical Director

The Brown Car Guy Interviews CMA’s Technical Director

21/01/2024 – A podcast looking at the alarming rise of car theft in the UK and how you can keep your vehicle safe.

‘Join us as we sit down with Philip Swift, a former police investigator turned motor insurance expert of Claims Management & Adjusting Ltd, who shares his invaluable insights and tips.

We talk about the current state of car theft in the UK, why it has increased, what are manufacturers and police doing – or not doing – about it, and give essential tips on how to protect your car from theft. Plus what actually happens to stolen cars?’

Podcast – ‘Car Thefts Up‘ and on line text – Express article.


2:30 – Philip Swift’s Background in Investigation and Transition to Insurance
5:00 – Discussing Car Theft and Road Traffic Collisions Claims
8:45 – Evolution of Car Theft from the 1980s to Present
12:20 – The Rise of Sophisticated Car Theft Techniques
16:00 – The Impact of Immobilizers and Transponder Keys on Car Theft
20:30 – Current Trends in Car Theft and Recovery Rates
25:00 – Methods of Car Theft: Cloning, Breaking for Parts, and Export
30:00 – Challenges in Tracking and Recovering Stolen Cars
– The Role of Police and Insurance Companies in Addressing Car Theft
40:00 – The Importance of Data and Statistics in Understanding Vehicle Crime
45:00 – Preventative Measures and Advice for Car Owners
50:00 – The Role of Technology in Car Theft and Security