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CMA Are Wrong – not to date!

Having advised an insured/victim that their vehicle is no longer on the PNC LoS register, we ask them to contact the police to ascertain the vehicle’s whereabouts, conditions and whether it has been recovered.

Often the insured first returns to us to query our statement, to question whether we are correct because the police have not informed them their vehicle has been found.  After all, it is only reasonable to expect the police, to whom the crime was reported, who recorded the event and seemingly have removed their interest from the PNC, to be the party informing a victim they have found the vehicle.  We reiterate what we have discovered; the LoS marker is no longer recorded against the VRM we have checked.

The insured is asked to approach the police as many constabularies are reluctant to speak with us ‘third-parties’ unless we are prepared to abide by an agreement that requires the payment of a fee and to wait weeks or months for a formal response!

However, all too frequently an insured returns to us after speaking with the police to advise ‘the vehicle has not been found’  according to the police, it is still registered as stolen, we (CMA) have erred.

  • In our almost 30-year history, we have never made such a mistake!

We do not get a victim’s (insured’s) hopes up irresponsibly, or inappropriately.  We check the VRM and usually obtain written confirmation it no longer appears upon the LoS register, and that it is marked as ‘recovered’.

Example 1 (02/2023)

To the police:

WU19*** MERCEDES-BENZ C 220 AMG LINE PREMIUM D AUTO, 5/01/2023 loss.
We are advised that the following VRM has been removed from the PNC LoS register suggesting it has been found.
The insured has been advised by your constabulary this is not the case.
However, having just searched the VRM again, it is NOT shown stolen on the public-facing register … someone removed it over the weekend.
Has the vehicle been found? If not, why was the PNC LoS marker been removed and why has the insured been told it has not?

However, the insured contacted the police and was informed the vehicle was still recorded stolen, it had not been found.  We explained this was likely only half-true; we suspect the vehicle had not been found but it was no longer recorded as stolen.

Ultimately, the constabulary conceded:

There is no marker on PNC at all.

I have spoken to our PNC Liaison Dept . They have carried out checks and it has been weeded off in error on Sunday 26/02/23.
The vehicle is still outstanding Stolen and they will place the los marker back onto PNC today

Example 2 (01/2023)

To the police:

Please can someone explain the removal of the VRM from PNC LoS to the victim and detail to us why he has apparently been advised the vehicle is recorded LoS on PNC

Police response:

We have a disclosure request logged under the reference 322/23.
We do not yet appear to have received payment for this request.
If payment has been raised please let me know and I will check this with our accounts team.
Please be aware the request will not be processed until payment has been received.

After questioning the demand for a payment to address what appeared to be a constabulary error, ultimately they responded:

Apologies I have checked and the marker was removed, unsure how or why.
The marker is now back in place.
I can provide no other information in relation to the vehicle.

Example 3 (11/2022)


The constabulary acknowledged:

The vehicle was on a temp marker as per [redacted] Police Policy which I have now been told actually lasts 6 weeks not 24 hours so my apologies for incorrect information.
If you had not informed [redacted] Police of the error the marker would have ended and not show on PNC.
As you have informed us of the issue the mistake was rectified.