For All Vehicle Claims

Customer Care

How we will behave

We will provide communications you can understand and provide support.  Our ‘HELP‘ page should be your first port of call; it sets out not simply what we require but what you can do to assist us obtain the necessary information, and what you can do to resolve your claim.

It is not in our interests or those of your insurers to delay a claim and, in our experience, delays are the main issue for people.

Much of what we do and how we do it, differs from other companies; with over 30+ years of experience, we have honed our processes, providing a better service, in the main, to reduce where we can, the time it takes to resolve a claim.  However, we are subject to the conduct of others – do not delay; please read and act upon our ‘HELP‘ as soon as possible.

We will:

  • treat you fairly
  • provide clear communications
  • provide suitable information
  • seek relevant information
  • monitor our performance and standards
  • act upon complaints and compliments

CMA provides a bespoke service in a manner that compliments a ‘duty of care’ or ‘customer care’ approach; our role is one that benefits all from:

Customers understanding

Customers are equipped to make good decisions and take action that will benefit them aware why they are doing so.


Pertinent, data is made available at the right time and is understandable.


Our offerings will be fit for purpose, and address the requirements of our insurer client and in turn those of the customer.


We will be responsive and helpful. It is easy to communicate with us and, if necessary, complain or compliment us.

How we ask you to behave

Our calls are recorded and may be reviewed later.

Please treat our staff as you expect to be treated.  Much of what we do is process-driven, standardised procedures that enable us to provide our client, an insurer, with pertinent facts upon which they can make an informed decision.  You will not be treated differently insofar as our checking off a list of required data is concerned.

Aggressive &/or abusive behaviour

People can become angry if they feel that matters are not being dealt with as they wish. Anger escalating to aggression towards our staff is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
This behaviour includes language (verbal or written) that may cause staff to feel afraid, threatened or abused. It may include threats, personal verbal abuse, derogatory remarks and rudeness. The use of swear words in written or verbal communication will not be tolerated and these communications will not be responded to. Swearing at members of staff will not be tolerated.
We also consider inflammatory statements, remarks of a racial or discriminatory nature and unsubstantiated allegations, to be abusive behaviour.

Unreasonable demands and/or contact

An unreasonable demand is one where compliance would impact excessively upon the work of our staff and/or takes an excessive amount of staff time such that it disadvantages other members of the public. Please:

  • Understand we will respond in reasonable timescales
  • Ask one member of staff about the subject
  • Understand it may not always be possible to speak with a particular member of staff
  • Keep your queries relevant and consistent
  • Do not repeat questions we have already addressed
  • Do not inundate us with emails

How we manage abusive or aggressive behaviour:

If any CMA employee experiences aggressive or abusive behaviour they are authorised to end a telephone call immediately. They may not have the opportunity or issue a warning, or the conduct may not make this reasonable, or necessary. It can further inflame some.

Should the conduct continue we may place restrictions upon the contact or take any other action that we consider appropriate to the circumstances.

We will tell the person in writing the action we are taking and the reasons why.