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Driver Licence

We like to see a photo card licence (front and rear) as it helps to confirm with whom we are dealing.

The days of paper licences  with a counterpart setting out your entitlement to drive are long behind us instead, the government has provided a means by which we can check the information online:

To undertake an enquiry of the DVLA to confirm the current status of your licence. You will need:

  1. your driver licence number.  This will be in the format AAAAA 123456 AA9AA:
    1. 5 letters – the first five letters of your surname
    2. 6 numbers
    3. two letters
    4. a number
    5. two letters
  2. your National Insurance Number – find your National Insurance number if you have lost it – and:
  3. the postcode displayed upon your latest licence

The process by which to VIEW &/or SHARE your driving licence information can be found on the DVLA website – here.  The link explains, to view your details, you will require:

When completing the process, obtain a CHECK CODE and, as soon as possible, forward us:

  • the CHECK CODE which is valid for 21 days and
  • the last 8 characters of YOUR driving licence number

We may then utilise the facility at ‘Check someone’s driving licence information‘.

The code can be used once and is only valid for 21 days i.e. it cannot be used again by us or your insurers.