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Stolen Vehicle Removed From PNC Error

On occasions, mix-ups occur and a VRM is removed form the PNC (police national computer) LoS (lost or stolen) register inappropriately, for example, 02/2023 we wrote to an insured to explain events insofar as their VRM was concerned:

The VRM was recorded as stolen earlier this week. For some reason, when we checked today, it was not noted as stolen. This suggested the police removed the stolen marker.

Anyone checking the vehicle VRM whether it be police or someone using a public-facing, paid-for service, would be informed the vehicle is ‘clear’. This is not because there was a delay in uploading data from the police to public registers, this had occurred; earlier this week the stolen marker was present. It is because the stolen marker has either ‘fallen off’ as a result of some unknown activity or someone has removed the marker.

Your date of loss/theft being within the past week, this removal does not appear to be the ‘6 week weeding’ we encounter – more about which can be found here.

We noted the VRM was not recorded stolen at 9:46am today and emailed you promptly. We understand you spoke to the police to be advised the vehicle WAS still recorded stolen. This is incorrect.

We understand you were concerned about our notification, found yourself between conflicting reports. However, please be assured we provided an accurate, account; we have spoken with the constabulary who confirmed the vehicle was removed from the stolen register by the police. Why you were informed to the contrary is unknown. However, it appears you having spoken with us and returning to the police, they have reinstated the stolen status – this should appear on the public registers tomorrow morning.

When the removal occurred is unknown but you will appreciate, when we spoke, we provided you with a factual account – you also undertook an online enquiry (at cost) during our conversation to be informed the vehicle was ‘clear’ i.e. not recorded as stolen. This is the response anyone using such a service, making an enquiry of the VRM, would be provided if they checked it today.

We understand the police removed the stolen marker in error. It appears someone confused the vehicle with another, believed your car had been found and deleted the stolen record against your VRM. When this occurred is unknown.

The police acknowledge it was fortunate we noted the changed status, the LoS removal; had we not done so, the chances of your vehicle being recovered would be greatly reduced, the claim further delayed.

We have asked when the VRM was removed from the PNC LoS (police national computer lost or stolen) register being concerned that a police officer (or another) may have enquired of the VRM and been advised ‘not stolen’. It is also possible the public registers have been searched and similarly returned a ‘not stolen’ status. Unfortunately, the information could not be provided and we have been asked to write. We will do so asking to be provided more information and that searches be made of the PNC and public registers asap.