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2022 Kier & National Highways Agreed Rates

2022 Kier & National Highways Agreed Rates

02/09/2022 Request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000:

Further to previous disclosures of the rates used by Kier to bill NH for DCP works, please could you provide the latest to cover the period 2021 to the present. I believe this will be the last pricing list, the contract having come to an end.


We have now completed our search for this information and a copy of it is shown below.  People rates* for the Area 9 Asset Support Contract applicable from February 2022:

*a.k.a. ‘Defined Costs’

Staff Grade Rate
1 £27.46
2 £28.72
3 £34.36
4 £38.19
5 £37.49
6 £39.40
7 £43.31
8 £55.20
9 £59.47
10 £88.52
Labour Grade Rate
1 £37.81
2 £35.66
3 £35.69

These are not the rates Kier uses when billing Third Parties but those they engage when billing their Authority master.

National Highways is the subject of the above ‘cost’ rates whereas drivers, fleets, hauliers, or their insurers fall prey to Kier who will bill utilizing their own ‘KierSchdule of Rates’ (KSoR).  Read more here: