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Avoid a Frosty Response from your Insurer

Avoid a Frosty Response from your Insurer

It is that time of year again … frost on the vehicle, the screen opaque and the interior as cold as outside; just the type of weather crooks like.  The season sees many, attempting to get their car in a driveable condition, make a massive mistake; failing to consider security.

  • Why does a vehicle have security?
  • What good is the security device if left in or about the unattended vehicle?

It is akin to writing your credit card PIN on the card and walking away … maybe not for long or far … but just enough. But unlike your credit/bank card, the occasions upon which this inattention or recklessness occurs is rare.  But car + cold = complacency/carelessness

Criminals know there are many who will start their engines, adjust heaters and walk away … maybe not far but if the car is stolen, clearly far enough such that they are no longer in control.

There is a reason why many insurers do not wish to cover this activity; it is simply too risky.  The risk is therefore on the owner, not the insurer. Sound harsh?  We urge all drivers to read their policy – the small print is often much larger than you may expect and the wording a ‘best practice’ guide.

If your keys are in the car, then you should be too.