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Car Crime Conundrum

Car Crime Conundrum

Vehicle Theft: with or without keys?

A figure indicated 93% of vehicle thefts were ‘keyless’, also known as ‘relay bypass’ – source (fleetnews) :

‘The analysis also reports another annual increase in keyless car thefts, now standing at an all-time high of 93%.’

Other vehicle theft statistics (Aviva) convey:

  • 36% ‘manipulating the signal from a remote locking device was the main method of entry’
  • 24% of thieves (24%) used a key or electric fob,
  • 15%+ doors were left unlocked’

The 93% appears to be the ‘increase’ not the incidence:

Keyless theft is now up by a record 93% compared to previous years, according to Tracker. (Confused)

Whatever the actually figure, whilst this ‘attack’ method is real, when it actually occurs is open to speculation and appears to be of more concern to insurers as opposed to the police … or the victim.  Read more here.