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Cars, Keys & Crime @ Christmas and the New Year

Cars, Keys & Crime @ Christmas and the New Year

Christmas and New Year is ‘opportunity’ for car crime as thefts may rise by 35 percent according to the Express. Please take the time to consider (and circulate if you feel worthy) the following:

  • The obvious ‘leave a car to run/warm’ is an invitation to thieves – do not do it. If the keys are in the car, so should you be.
  • Some thieves will move from car to car testing door handles – they may simply want the contents, they may get lucky and find keys inside- do not leave car or house keys in a vehicle
  • Some thieves will move from house to house testing door handles … an open property may provide access to car keys, sometimes the door left with house keys on the inside of the lock.
  • Parties (less likely/frequent this year) may mean an open or less secure home.
  •  Celebratory, social, drinking, may lead to dangerous driving decisions, collisions and alleged thefts. Thinking then drinking – in that order!

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