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Disorgansied & Unprofessional Crime

Disorgansied & Unprofessional Crime

Car hacking technology bought online by organised crime gangs is fuelling an almost 20 per cent rise in vehicle thefts, the National Crime Agency (NCA) has revealed.

Criminals are increasingly turning to devices which enable them to hack into and drive off with high-end cars – without having to steal the keys, the NCA’s annual national threat assessment report said. “Methods of theft have continued to evolve, with offenders turning to new technology to facilitate thefts such as electronic compromise thefts often committed by organised crime groups.

The high levels of organisation make it difficult for law enforcement to recover vehicles.

There were 110,739 vehicle thefts recorded in 2022 compared with 93,006 during 2021, a 19% increase. The most frequently stolen vehicles remain the Ford Transit and Ford Fiesta, often used to commit further organised acquisitive crimes

“Offenders continue to employ traditional methods of theft such as car key burglaries,” said the NCA (source – NCA).

We have asked to be provided with the data in support of the above statements being concerned it appears the criminals are more professional and better organised than those tasked with prevention, detection and in turn, deterrent.

What is Serious and Organised Crime?
Serious and organised crime (SOC) is defined in the 2018 Serious and Organised Crime Strategy as individuals planning, coordinating and committing serious offences, whether individually, in groups and/or as part of transnational networks.

The main categories of serious offences covered by the term are: child sexual abuse; modern slavery and human trafficking; organised immigration crime; illegal drugs; illegal firearms; organised acquisitive crime*; cyber crime; fraud; money laundering; and bribery, corruption and sanctions evasion.

*Organised acquisitive crime focuses on high-harm and cross-border burglary, vehicle crime, robbery, heritage and cultural property crime, plant and agricultural thefts and metal and infrastructure crime, amongst other crime types.