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My Vehicle is NOT recorded Stolen – according to CMA

You have reported your vehicle stolen to the police but we have informed you that it is not (or is no longer) on PNC as LoS:

LoS – lost or stolen
PNC – police national computer

If the vehicle has not been placed on PNC as LoS following a report of its theft, this will raise questions, for example:

  • was the report/allegation made to the police?
  • has the vehicle been located?
  • are the police treating the allegation as a crime?

In the usual course of events, we will check whether your vehicle is recorded LoS on PNC, confirm the crime has been reported.  This involves a straightforward, quick enquiry but lacks detail. If we need more information, a formal approach needs to be made, often at a cost to your insurer – for more information about what you can do to assist, click here.

Having been instructed about your vehicle, we regularly review its status – we monitor most VRMs encountered.  A reason we monitor the LoS register is that, if the marker falls away, it usually means the vehicle has been located, in which case we:

  • advise an insured so that they may contact the police, ascertain the whereabouts of the vehicle and in an ideal world, be reunited with their vehicle
  • notify the insurer so they may make contact with the police and ascertain the location/condition of the vehicle and if in storage (at £20/day) collect it.

IMPORTANT – if we inform you that the vehicle is no longer recorded stolen and ask you to make enquiries of the police, we are not being lazy, we are not asking you to do our work.  Astoundingly, despite the pressures the police are under, that we are here to assist, there remains a ‘them and us’ attitude and it is very unlikely a constabulary will speak with us about the recovery.  It matters not that your insurer has a  substantial interest in the vehicle (they are being asked to pay its value), the police will likely cite ‘you are not the victim’ or ‘DPA …’.  It appears not to have occurred to the police that they could assist you by helping us.

And who informed you of the ‘recovery’; did we tell you before the police?  If so, does this not appear odd?

However, assuming we have informed you the vehicle is no longer on PNC LoS, please act promptly and make enquiry of the constabulary recording the crime as they may have your vehicle and because mistakes happen.

To date, despite many constabularies selling victims/insureds ‘CMA are wrong’ this has NEVER been the case!

Common Constabulary Errors: