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NPCC & ABI National Guidance on Data Sharing

NPCC & ABI National Guidance on Data Sharing

For those who missed the publication notification, as of June 2022, new ‘National guidance on the sharing of police information with the ABI‘ was issued replacing the 2014 ‘Memorandum of Understanding’*.  The new ‘guidance’ sets out the means by which insurers, or eligible parties such as ourselves, may obtain crime report information.

The guidance appears to remove the onerous requirement for an insured/victim to complete a consent form when there is a need to ‘check’ a claim – Appendix D(a).

For ‘suspected’ fraud, as before, Appendix E needs to be completed.

The documentation comprising some 37 pages can be read here – ABI-NPCC_Data_Sharing_Guidance_v2-2 – we anticipate some amendments will occur shortly.  The Appendix D and E mandates can be downloaded in MS Word format here:

We have not been advised about any changes to the Lloyds members process or whether the guidance will extend to non-ABI members who, it appears, may need to continue to rely upon the enabling section of the DPA.

If you are a victim of vehicle theft, or other crime reported to the police, you may wish to read our further comment here about obtaining a crime report and what you can do to assist in the provision of this important, pertinent, information.  In essence, please contact the relevant constabulary and give your consent to them releasing the information to your insurers and us.

*The 2014 document can be read here: acpo-abi-mou-exchange-of-info