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Police action on fraud ‘unfit for purpose’ says boss

Police action on fraud ‘unfit for purpose’ says boss

Victims of fraud and cybercrime are being “let down” by the current system which is slow, unresponsive and in need of an overhaul, according to the West Midlands’ top police chief.  Read more here.

We remain concerned this extends to vehicle crimes:

    1. the selling on of cars obtained by fraud and /or
    2. the obtaining of an innocent purchasers funds in exchange for a stolen, often cloned, vehicle

Whilst we believe there is much that can be done to address the above and/or assist victims, it is left to the likes of CMA to offer help, often without the assistance of the police.  In one instance West Midlands police, the very constabulary who stated victims are being let down (above), wrote in response to our request for information relating to a stolen vehicle acquired by an innocent purchaser:

I have been advised that there is no legislation that demands/instructs that we provide information to (redacted) theft checking companies such as (redacted).

If you wish to obtain any of the information requested, we will require a court order instructing us to release that information.

No one suggested there is legislation that demands/instructs a constabulary to provide information. We explained acting in relation to a victim of a crime and the request falls within the enabling sections of the DPA. Therefore, it is incorrect for the constabulary to say they are ‘unable’ to assist; they have chosen not to do so, without (to-date) explanation.

We urge the police to embrace the DPA, not run scared from it.  The enabling sections can be found here.