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So the ‘advisories’ on you MoT can wait can they?

So the ‘advisories’ on you MoT can wait can they?

Think again! Informed there is a potential fault or defect with your vehicle, why would you not seek to address it asap … for the safety of yourself, your occupants and other road users?

Does this recent (12/2021) spell the end of a casual approach to advisory notices on an MoT?

Fail to attend to these advisories at your own risk! A landmark case was brought against Henry Reynolds, not the driver, but a passenger in his car which, losing control as a result of his failing to attend to worn tyres (an MoT advisory) struck another vehicle, killing an occupant.

  • St Albans Crown Court heard the car had an MoT three months before when Reynolds, of London Colney, was told the tread on the rear tyres was near the limit. But he failed to change them and drove another 6,726 miles before the fatal crash
  • Reynolds was jailed for two years and six months for causing death of another driver in landmark case (read more here)

Consider your failure to attend to ‘advisory notices’:

  • If you are involved in a claim, your car written off, would you expect to get full value from your insurer, or the at-fault party, if not you?
  • Will the defect be used against you … could it have been contributory to the incident?
  • Will insurers cite ‘fail to maintain’ as reasons for rejecting your claim if it ‘unexpectedly’ catches fire?

We already know National Highways will hold you at fault, that they will use your MoT against you and your insurer!

Why take the risk?