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Tell The Truth – the £400,000 incentive!

Tell The Truth – the £400,000 incentive!

Most of us know telling porkie-pies* is just plain wrong, that the truth will come back to bite you and ‘honesty is the best policy’.  Others have to learn the hard way …

Susan Harries crashed her Audi into a parked car but claimed the (unoccupied) Third Party reversed into her.  Ms Harries then obtained a vehicle on credit hire; paid nothing for the replacement vehicle expecting the bill to be picked up by insurers of the car she hit.  Her Audi was worth about £10,000, the Mercedes she hired cost about £300 / day.  Even had the accident not been Ms Harries fault, you have to question the logic of a process that lets someone accumulate such a sum.  Then there is whether they should offset the depreciation that would affect their own car if it had been repaired and returned to her.  We digress…

Ms Harries was to blame.  The concerns that arose likely caused the matter to be investigated and debated for some 3 years … during which the hired Mercedes was racking up £300 every day … the credit hire company were likely very, very happy until that is,  Nottingham County Court* ruled against her.

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*CMA wishes to assure readers there is no suggestion either Melton Mowbray (Leicestershire, 20 miles south-east of Nottingham) or their pies were in any way associated with this incident and the matter being heard at Nottingham County Court is understood to be coincidental.  Further reading: