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U.K. VEHICLE THEFT – Complacency

‘the rise in offences has not been matched by a rise in the number of criminals being brought to justice’

03/2019, the following was  sent to the Policing Minister and West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner following the latter’s comments about vehicle security and ‘a new cross-industry taskforce’ having been set up in a bid to tackle the rise in vehicle theft and car crime in the UK, references to which are here:

As with much when it comes to crime, there is a lot of talk, but little action.  Theft of personal property is an emotive subject which it appears some will take advantage of.   So what has come of the ‘new cross-industry taskforce’?  It would appear nothing!

When seeking to understand the improvements developments in 2021, an FoIA response returned:

10/12/2020: ‘I can confirm that the information has remained the same as per our previous Freedom of Information response sent to yourself 16 March 2020. In order to be of some assistance, I have attached this response in Appendix A’.