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230825 To WMP re VRM not on PNC LoS

On Monday 21/08/2023, we noted the VRM of a stolen Ford Transit was no longer recorded on the PNC LoS register suggesting it had been found.  However, we are aware that a PNC auto-weeding process can cause stolen notifications to fall away after about 6 weeks – and the van had been stolen at or about such time. It appeared the VRM had been removed from PNC over the previous weekend.  We contacted the insured who had no knowledge of the vehicle’s whereabouts. We contacted West Midlands Police that same day alerting them to the situation.  We checked the VRM daily expecting to see it reinstated to the PNC LoS register … Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday … no change! Friday we wrote as below.

As of Monday 28/08/2023 we have yet to receive a response and confirmation the VRM has bene reinstated to the PNC LoS register.

25/08/2023 to WMP:

VRM [redacted] Ford Transit No Longer On PNC LoS 

A further enquiry of the above VRM today indicates this is still NOT recorded as stolen yet you state it has not been found, ‘recovered’.  The VRM was reported and recorded as LoS on PNC but removed on or before 21/08/2023.

We have alerted you to this daily since 21/08/2023, re-checking the VRM beforehand.  It appears the removal results from a constabulary error and we anticipated you would seek to right this as a matter of urgency.

Since 21/08/2023, any enquiry of the VRM (PNC or Vehicle Provenance company) will not reveal the stolen status.

It appears the potential for recovery is greatly reduced, practically if not actually, nil.

We await your confirmation the VRM has been reinstated, why it was removed, the date & time of removal,  and of the checks undertaken of PNC and VP Co’s since the removal.

Until such time as the whereabouts of the vehicle is determined or the VRM returned to PNC LoS, we are unable to progress the claim presented by the victim.


Earlier responses:

22/08/2023 – PCC:
Thank you for contacting the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.
The role of the Commissioner is to provide strategic direction to West Midlands Police, we are a separate organisation to West Midlands Police.
I am afraid that we do not have access to Force systems and cannot take crime reports.
You will need to contact West Midlands Police in relation to your request. You can contact them by telephoning 999 in an emergency, 101 (0121 626 5000) in a non-emergency, or you can visit the website: where there is an online web chat.
I am sorry that I am unable to assist you further.
Business Support Team
West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner

CMA reply:

It appears strategic direction is required; that despite WMP and your office seemingly being associated with ‘taking the lead’ on vehicle crime in the past, it remains high and not addressed appropriately. Indeed, it appears little has come of the PCC’s approach: . your link to ‘WMP Briefing Paper Predicting Theft of Motor Vehicle …; returns a 404 error.
We have not suggested you have access to ‘Force’ (service?) systems and have not asked you to take a crime report.
We have contacted West Midlands Police in relation to our request.
It is the lack of response that has caused us to approach yourselves

24/08/2023 02.23 PM – from WMP
I have checked for the vehicle registration in our vehicle lists and i am unable to find it as being recovered by the west midlands poluce.
Your Request has now been closed.

CMA reply:

If not found, please can you explain why the VRM has been removed from PNC LoS, reinstate the record and enquire as to what has occurred such that it was removed and subsequent activity.
Thank you .